Monday, June 16, 2008

What reputation is that?

Cherry continues to talk to Roger over her massive bowl of ice. Roger's 'stache continues to flesh itself out to full evil henchman/70's pornstar consistancy, and a turtle appears to clue us in as to the pace of this storyline (tomorrow: a glacier).

Even though Kelly is right in the next room, probably harrassing Doc Davis about his lifestyle, Roger and Cherry talk loudly (it's all exclaimation point-y) about how much Kelly sucks in comparison to Mark, who is the best there is at nature photo journalism and socking assholes on the jaw. Kelly can't hope to compete with that fairly, because she's a woman, so she's just jealous of Mark, which is natural, because women are known to be jealous of men just because they've got a penis and more money.

The last panel aludes to Kelly Welly being a whore, sleeping around with things to get more publicity. She does, after all, have a reputation.

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