Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mark Trail 2-in-1


In High Country, you see the exact same animals as you would at Lost Forest, making the trip totally pointless. There also appears to be a storm brewing, and Moss Green, being Native American white as fuck, uses his superior guiding skills to determine that they should set up camp somewhere, ignoring the massive forest fire raging around them.

Forest fire is the only possible explaination for the white smoke. Those are not clouds. I refuse to believe that the mountain behind Lost Forest is a mountain, much less a mountain that reaches beyond clouds. Even if the "mountain" behind Lost Forest was a mountain and was a mountain that pierced the strata, I'd refuse to believe that Cherry and Kelly could climb it without dying from exhaustion/thin air, though seeing Roger and Moss Green gather around them to pay their last respects ("Ha ha! That is what you get for having a vagina on a mountain!") would be somewhat fantastic.


Kelly has also ignored the huge forest fire, which has now given way to black night. She also seems to have not seen The Happening, which revealed that trees are bastards, releasing neurotoxins into the air when the wind blows a little bit. The group's only chance of survival this night is to stay alert for a strong gust and then outrunning the wind.

Oh, and if there's a lot of lightning, some trees might fall. Whatever. The other reason is more interesting.

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xy said...

glad to see you're back on the trail. this just has so much more potential because it sucks so hard.