Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Roger's mustache is at full blown pornography level, so I imagine that Kelly is really ready to shoot her film or take her pictures or whatever the hell she's doing (make up your mind, woman!). God stops by to tell us how unpredictable mountain storms are, which is false, because Cherry Trail predicted the freakin' storm yesterday. I'm sure that, when God realizes He was made a fool by a woman, Lost Forest will be flooded as a punishment. Cherry, being as high as she is in the mountains (possibly in the ozone layer), will be safe, but it will be too late for Doc Davis and the animals that are very important to his work.

Cherry realizes that horses don't like storms, and we get our first close look at Moss Green: holy shit! Look at that beard! It looks like one of those Cracker Barrel toys where the guy's face is magnitized and there's a bunch of metal shavings that represent a beard. This can only mean one thing: Moss Green is a man of unspeakable evil.

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