Sunday, June 8, 2008

Protip: Bears can smell menstruation.

The creators of Mark Trail don't believe that Alaska is part of North America despite it being connected to Canada. Alaska's Grizzlies outnumber ours by at least 28,000 due to hoarding, but that isn't very important in the context of the rest of the strip.

Brown bears are much more common in the real world, and it is a few of these that Mark encounters on the trail. Recognizing that he is encroaching on their natural habitat, Mark runs, which, as we all know, is the smartest possible thing to do in the event that you see a fucking bear.

With a running start, he leaps into a tree, but onto a branch that the bear could easily reach. It is suggested that we sing, talk loudly, or wear a bell to advertise our presance, but Mark has done a good enough job of that by just being silent. Seriously...why do I want a bear to know where I am?

Mark Trail is, thusly, one of three things: A free meal, less one hat, or about to knock that bear out with a single blow.

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Matt said...

Because bears aren't the evil creatures Stephen Colbert has led you to believe!