Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Brace Yourself

Based on Rusty's inability to call Mark Trail "Dad," I'm guessing that their love isn't so much father/son as it is ancient-rich-Grecian/his-youthful-charge, only Mark doesn't have anything particularly knowledgeable to impart, so they're both pretty much in it for the sex. Rusty used to be an addict, so that kind of thing never mattered to him.

Still, Mark wishes that Cherry would have come along with them, because they need a camp cook, and because his dog Andy won't have somebody to keep him warm at night.

Back at Lost Forrest, Kelly Welly has just driven up, causing Cherry to make a face that's straight out Hitchcock. There's nothing particularly scary about Kelly Welly though, so it's either female hysteria or cocaine.

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