Friday, October 24, 2008

Mark somehow already wrote his article about draining the swamp, which was previously only mentioned before being derailed by alligator attacks and Raccoon Shows. Sue is clueless as to why a nature conversationalist would want to conserve nature and wants Mark to explain it to her in more personal terms. That means that she wants to do it on the beach amongst the talking gulls.


Everett Volk said...

Sue, no doubt, would love to have Mark plow her wetlands with his mighty bulldozer. Misinformed naif that she is, she doesn't realize that the removal of Mark's tight, tight slacks would reveal nothing but the smooth, sexless pudenda of a Ken doll. Mark is, in fact, an evolutionary wonder, with all of his vast manliness concentrated in the whopping power of his right fist o' justice.

tung said...

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