Monday, October 6, 2008

I refuse to believe that the same alligator from Friday is the one in panel one. Look at it: She's so cute! She's even smiling!

That one in panel two is totally plausible. It's so fully grown and vicious looking that it can speak in large yellow letters. This alligator, Sue, alerts Mark to the fact that the wetland draining cube dweller has entered the once wet wetland, and oh boy is it on!

My prediction: Alligator/Trail vs. Evil Nefarious Person in a no holds barred handicap match tomorrow through Friday. The alligator will get some good licks in, but the woman's pink suit will prove too much, and it'll be up to Mark (and his fist) to win. Funeral on Saturday, snerts on Sunday, Pancakes with Pop, Hockey Mulleted Seed of Chucky, and Sneaky on Monday.

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