Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Kelly's evil plan to take a lot of pictures of wild animals eating human food is crumbling. Her vagina and ascot doesn't have the same pull that it used to, because Moss Green works for Cherry, and Cherry alone. As for Cherry? She's been pissed since Thursday, when she discovered that Kelly was feeding her bacon to a mountain lion. The fact that the lion jumped at her may also lend to her frustration with Kelly, and hell, Kelly's vag probably had no pull over Cherry to begin with...she's likely never seen one.

That leaves Roger. Sweet, duffle bag hefting Roger, who loves animals. He is working for Kelly, and for money, so he very likely has no choice in the matter. Kelly wants to take lots of pictures goddamn it, and Roger is going to be forced into staying untill the bitter end - likely at the jaws of one of the creatures Kelly is shooting.

Goodnight, sweet prince.

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