Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I bet that Kelly blames Moss Green's fall on firewater. He certainly looks like a drunk. It'll go like this:

Kelly Welly: Have you been having a drinkie, my little Native American guidesman?

Roger: Tee-hee!

Cherry Trail: What an awful sterotype!

(Cherry goes back to fixing dinner.)

Moss Green: Fuck you. Fuck the three of you. I'm white! I didn't ask to be called Moss, it just happened, you know? It's no better or worse than "Cherry" or "Roger without a last name" or "Kelly Welly."

Kelly Welly: I like my name!

(A shot of a big horned elk)

Big Horned Elk: Your name is fucking stupid.

(Kelly begins to cry like a woman, which suits her character because she's a woman.)

Moss Green: I'm out of here. You people don't pay me enough to put up with this shit.

(Cherry looks up from her dinner.)

Cherry Trail: Hmm? What will you do?

Moss Green: Buy me a handle of hooch and hope that you assholes die. Have a great one.

(Cherry goes back to making dinner.)

Kelly Welly: Can I help with that?

Cherry Trail: Sure, then we can both have Roger's baby.

Then would follow a month long storyline about the merits of adultery. Cherry is a woman and Roger is a man and Mark is way out in the forest somewhere and what with all those eggs going to waste, it just seems proper, you know?

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