Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Kelly unsucessfully attempts to bribe the now clean shaven Moss Green with the promise of a "big bonus," which is, no doubt, her vagina. Moss, who is now sober enough to shave, realizes that without beer goggles, Kelly looks like the sort of chick who was tied up in a burlap bag and thrown to the mountain lions.

Speaking of mountain lions, why are they the only animal Kelly wants to get a picture of? Are they the only animal? I understand wanting a picture of a horse bucking a bum off its back, but really, you've seen one Ranger Rick mountain lion cover, you've seen them all. Kelly is missing out on so many other great animals, that camel/bear hybrid in the lake for example, that I'm beginning to doubt her skills as a photographer or a person with eyesight.


Everett Volk said...

That's what we in the nature biz call: a snake-tongued bearoose with a modern primitive fetish (note his ungainly chin-piercing with baseball pendant).

Paul Arrand Rodgers said...

I could have sworn he was eating the trash monster from A New Hope, but chin piercing is just as likely.