Thursday, November 13, 2008

Wait, so the Raccoon Contest is a raccoon, chained to a log, vs. multiple dogs? And people bet on which fierce beast is going to win? Mark Trail isn't pissed off in panel one - he's freakin' confused.

Mark Trail is a master of wit, and is even better at responding to questions. Mr. Rabbit, or whatever his name is, can't believe that Mark's name 's "That's a PET raccoon, and I came to take it home." For one, it's not even grammatically correct, the poor schmuck. For two, there's actually a pet raccoon on the log. Might young Mr. PET Racoon be here to abscond with it? Don't they know what a catch this raccoon is? It came with a collar, for easy chaining!

Nature writers spoil all the fun!


Everett Volk said...

Mark's response off-panel:

"Actually, I am. I've got that thing so dosed up on steroids and crystal meth, it's going to eat your pack of backwoods hounds for lunch. I'm putting 15K on the 'coon."

gaunpro said...
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Anonymous said...


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